How to Select the Best Restaurant Dinnerware

How to Select the Best Restaurant Dinnerware

Dinnerware ideas are normally the last thing on a restaurant owner’s mind. When restaurant owners open up their doors, they usually focus on the food that they serve and the customer service. But the types of dinnerware that you use in your restaurant can also convey a message to the patrons.

The best everyday dinnerware will serve several purposes.

It will not only include the restaurant plates that you have but it will also show what kind of restaurant you operate. Upscale dinnerware may be more expensive and elegant, while a more laid-back environment may have eclectic types of dishware from around the world.

You want to choose the tableware that you use based on a few different things.

4 Design Tips to Consider

Your dinnerware will set the tone for business, but you’ll want to consider the following four points before you dive in and start buying everything you need.

1. Ambiance

What type of restaurant are you trying to run? Fine dining restaurants normally have different dinnerware than, say, a friendlier cafe that has a more casual tone to it. If you’re going for casual, you may even be able to use plastic restaurant plate ware, whereas, in a fine dining restaurant, you’d have to purchase porcelain or China plates for your establishment.

If you want to be trendier, you can purchase square plates or add a little color to the table with different colored plates for each person.

2. Budget

Every restaurant owner must consider their current budget. High-end restaurant quality dinnerware is far more expensive, especially when you get into restaurant chinaware or restaurant stoneware. Fancy plates for restaurants can be multiple times more expensive than casual ones.

If you’re just starting out, choosing dinnerware will be based primarily on the budget that you have. Sit down and come up with the budget for your dinnerware.

If you want high-end restaurant quality plates, you’ll have to allot more of your capital to these purchases. While heavy-duty plates are going to allow you to have reliable, long-lasting tableware, sometimes it’s unaffordable for the business owner. Take your time to understand your budget, and know that you can always change the types of dinner plates or the types of appetizer dishes that you have.

3. Style

Style is a little bit different when you’re talking about commercial dishware. You want to make sure that you purchase plates that complement the look and feel of the restaurant.

It’s not uncommon to mix and match different types of plates or different restaurant tableware to complement your interior colors.

When you’re making your purchase, don’t be afraid to consider:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Various shapes
  • Different sizes

When you mix and match, you don’t always have to buy the most durable dinnerware. You can buy restaurant supply plates of various different qualities, and you can also purchase different bowls, plates, cups and other utensils that really make the set stand out.

Mixing and matching is very trendy at the moment, but this can change at any time. You’ll definitely want to know which types of dinnerware to start investing in because every restaurant’s customers are different. If you’re trying to promote primarily to a high-income demographic, these patrons will have a certain expectation when they walk into your restaurant.

If your guests are paying top dollar for your food, they will expect you to have dishes that are high-end.

4. Usage

You have to ask yourself one question: what is the purpose of dinnerware for restaurants? The answer is that there are multiple reasons and purposes for different types of tableware. Your intended use should dictate the types of commercial dinner plates and items that you purchase.

If you want to know how to choose dinnerware, you need to look at more than just the style and aesthetics.

You want to consider:

  • Are you able to put these plates or bowls in the microwave?
  • Will you be putting these pieces of dinnerware inside of the oven?

If you want restaurant-quality plates that last a long time, they should be able to withstand the heat of an oven or microwave. This will allow you to expand on the offerings that you have and also heat up certain items, like soup, quickly and easily.

What is the Use of Dinnerware?

A restaurant serving dishes supply serves more than one purpose. Your dishes are going to add ambience and class to your restaurant, but they also have to be very functional and durable.

There are multiple types of dinnerware that you can choose, and every restaurant’s crockery may be different.

A few of the many different materials that your dishware is likely to be made of and their benefits include:

  • Stoneware and earthenware: Ceramic and beautifully glazed, earthenware and stoneware have unique designs and can often be hand-painted. These dishes will provide a rustic look. Stoneware is another type of dinnerware that you can choose that will be thicker and comes with a variety of different glazed textures. These are good options for casual dining restaurants.
  • Porcelain or China: Made from fine porcelain clay, these dishes can withstand high temperatures and are often seen in high-end restaurants. These dishes are delicate and thinner than most options, but they also have the issue of breaking. Although they are microwave and oven safe, they can be expensive. If you want to add beauty to your restaurant, these are the types of dinnerware that you will want to choose.
  • Vitrified glass: Heavy and well-made, this type of glass is opaque and can usually be placed in the oven. These plates are non-porous and almost impossible to break.
  • Wood: Wood is known for creating a warm, friendly atmosphere. These items are normally made with woven wood that is break-resistant and dishwasher safe. You can serve hot and cold foods on these dishes, and these are great options for casual establishments, diners, and health food restaurants.
  • Melamine: A lot of restaurants choose this material because it’s unique in that it’s great for serving hot and cold foods and also has a very pleasing aesthetic. These are dishwasher safe, can exceed extremely high heat, and also act as an insulator. These pieces of dinnerware are made to mimic the look of your ceramic or china dinnerware without the high cost.
  • Plastic: A common economical choice is a plastic dinnerware. These dishes are lighter than your average restaurant plates and they don’t break. They’re great for fast-paced restaurants that are busy and have customers coming in and out often. Adding a bit of color into your decor is also possible because of the many colors available with this material.

Where Do Restaurants Buy Their Plates?

Restaurants can purchase their dinnerware from a major supplier, or they can go the eclectic route and purchase it from a variety of online stores. A lot of restaurants, especially small ones, will go to different outlets to purchase their plates.

The goal is to be unlike the restaurant down the street. Don’t forget, if you select dinnerware and find that you don’t like it in the future, you can always change them.

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